Posts Idea in Protein Study

Idea in Protein Study

Basic Information

This note record my ideas/some knowledge in protein study

Salting out of protein

盐析(salting out)是指在蛋白质水溶液中加入中性盐,随着盐浓度增大而使蛋白质沉淀出来的现象。


  • 一方面与蛋白质争夺水分子,破坏蛋白质胶体颗粒表面的水膜
  • 另一方面又大量中和蛋白质颗粒上的电荷,从而使水中蛋白质颗粒积聚而沉淀析出。



Sylvia McLain: How Water Folds Proteins

📺The Physics of Life: How Water Folds Proteins - with Sylvia McLain

View from a physical scientist

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  1. Seamonkeys -> water -> octane/hexane
  2. Moleculear Structure difference between H2O and C6H14 -> key:Oxygen
  3. Oxygen has a high propensity to pull negative things towards it, but C and H in hexane eventually end up with an even charge distribution across the molecule which does not exist in water
  4. Although water is not the only liquid with oxygen(i.e ethanol), water supports life to live -> HOH gets life but CH3CH2OH dose not
  5. But water in itself is not sentient -> there is a lot of other molecules that make life alive
  6. Favorite molecule: DNA? -> DNA just a guide/middle management
  7. Favorite molecule: Protein -> Protein is the main undertaker of activities
  8. 20 basic amino acids that make your proteins -> same main chain -> diff side chain/functional group
  9. diversity of life made from these amino acids(i.e 100aa Protein: 20^100 possible output)
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